• An overview of our team

    What we do

We think, built and develop redstone circuit in minecraft world.


Research and evaluation of minecraft allow to improve the circuit design in an easy manner.

  • ? New Components
  • ? Compare with other members


We plan and manage the entire project schema and make it better.

  • ? Ideas and strategic approach
  • ? Define design strategy


Our circuit designs are significantly smaller without sacrificing performance.

  • ? Professional Wiring
  • ? Design Documentation

our mission

The knowledge through design

Key factors

Project Advising

Our team members are glad to help you with Minecraft projects like mini games map or advanture servers which require our expertise in redstone or command blocks.

Documentation is cool

We provide detailed documentations for our projects together with example files (Multisim, Wireframes, SCHEMATIC) – allows everyone, not just the redstone enthusiasts to learn more about redstone circuits.